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Vimy Commemoration Events



Copies of these posters are available upon request.  

Contact Maxime Corneau at 1–877-276-9223 or by email to:



We are curious to know how your corps is planning to commemorate the

100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy on April 9th.

Please share your plans with us by using this electronic form


Vimy pins have been authorized for wear on the Army Cadet uniform from Jan 1st to December 31st 2017


Find out how you can raise funds for you corps with the sale of the Vimy pins.  For more information contact the Vimy Foundation at 1 (416) 595-1917, ext 4.

 For any other questions,  contact the national office of The Army Cadet League of Canada by email:


The Royal Canadian Army Cadets Vimy Commemoration Project

We have dedicated this section to highlighting the Vimy Commemoration Project.   We have included a PowerPoint presentation which explains our intentions with this initiative. Within the presentation you will find some historical information of the battle of Vimy but more importantly ideas to guide you on this project and how you can get involved within your community.

You will find below, a series of website links to research information about the battle, other commemoration initiatives, historical information and more.

Note that this site will be updated regularly as more material becomes available for you.  Every year, followong the Army Cadets Vimy Commemoration Events, we will post the links to the various media coverage of these events from across the country.

A Facebook page was also created to gather the photos and the media coverage links of the Cadet events every year.:  The Royal Canadian Army Cadets – Vimy Commemoration Events .  We invite you to “share” and “like” this page.

You will find below various additional resources and links you can use for this project:

A variety of learning tools for Vimy100 will be made available by VAC in the first weeks of March. Website link TBC

Find out more about those who fought and how you can commemorate them :

  • You may also ind several historical clips about the Battle of Vimy Ridge on You Tube.

By searching You Tube using keywords relating to the Battle you will find many other interesting and educational clips.

The material provided within this section should only be used as guidelines or suggestions to assist and support you for this project. We will continue to provide further ideas, material and various resources for your research as they become available. The Army Cadet League does not intend to restrict your ideas or initiatives, instead our goal is to enhance your possibilities to make this Commemoration project come to life in 2011 and each year thereafter.

Your feedback is valuable to us; feel free to forward any ideas, suggestions, questions or concerns by e-mail to

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An invitation to ALL ARMY CADETS (ages 14-17)

Study Abroad for FREE with the Vimy Foundation!

Vimy Foundation - awards 2015 - Poster

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The BEAVERBROOK award – 2017 deadline – MARCH 1st

The Vimy Foundation offers a prestigious summer scholarship to youth 15-17 years of age, to study the interwoven history of Canada, France, and Great Britain during the First and Second World Wars. During the two week, fully-funded scholarship program, prize winners from Canada, Great Britain and France will visit key historical sites including lectures, visits to major museums, battlefields, cemeteries and memorials, including Vimy Ridge, where they will be introduced to ideas and viewpoints not typically taught in classrooms.

The Beaverbrook Vimy Prize is awarded on the basis of essay submissions, reference letters, and motivation letters. Winners will take part in an intensive scholarship program in Europe, participating in educational seminars and museum events.

The Vimy Pilgrimage Award (offered annually)

In recognition of young people who demonstrate outstanding service, positive contributions, notable deeds, bravery or leadership, the Vimy Foundation has created the Vimy Pilgrimage Award. Exceptional Canadian youth – ages 14 to 17 – who have served their peers, schools, communities, province or country are eligible. The Award consists of a fully funded, week-long educational program in Europe to study Canada’s tremendous First World War effort. Scheduled in early April during Vimy week, the program will include classroom education and daily field trips to significant WWI sites and memorials.

For application and nomination forms please visit

The submission deadline for the Vimy Pilgrimage Award is midnight, November 11th (annually).

For more information visit The Vimy Foundation Website

These t-shirts created for the Army Cadet Vimy Commemoration Events are available to order through our kit shop.  The front of the t-shirt was left blank to provide the option for the corps to place their own logos if they wish. The cost is $10.25 for sizes SM- XL and $12.25 for XXL.  Click here to order.

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Organize an opportunity of a lifetime for your Cadet corps:

For the past few years, EF Tours has been dedicating a lot of resources in promoting their tours of European Battlefields where Canadians fought for our freedom during the two World Wars and various other History Tours dedicated to provide cadets an experience of a lifetime.  Take a moment to find out what they offer by viewing their recently added Cadet Tours and We Salute You! All About Canadian Cadets pages.

With some planning and organization of fundraising activities these tours are possible.

EF Educational Tours is already working closely with various Army Cadet Corps from across the country to tour Vimy Ridge, Juno Beach, and other battlefields where heroes fought to liberate Europe.  These tours instill a strong sense of remembrance and bring young Canadians through a journey into our nation’s past.

Experience a Canada’s History Tour

Visit and like their Facebook page: EF Tours Canada


View videos of the 2014 D-Day tours where cadets are featured:

Canada’s History Tours: D-Day 70th Anniversary

D-Day 70th Anniversary: Part 1 – The Italian Campaign

D-Day 70th Anniversary: Part 2 – The Normandy Landings

Student History Tours – VE – D-Day – Beaumont Hamel – EF Educational Tours

  A Cadet’s Diary of her Experience in Vimy

Read about Cadet Master Warrant Officer Taylor Hope’s account of her experience while travelling to Vimy Ridge as one of the winners of the Beaverbrook prize.   The Beaverbrook Vimy Prize competition is the Vimy Foundation’s flagship program. Providing young students with a historical perspective second to none, the annual scholarship brings together youth from Canada, the United Kingdom and France, so that they can better appreciate the intertwined history of their three nations and come to understand the bravery and sacrifice of war.  For further information visit :

Cadet Taylor Hope is a member of the 1849 Lorne Scott’s Army Cadet Corps in Orangeville, Ontario.

In her own words:

As we commence the 2012-13 training year, I appreciate much the opportunity to acknowledge the contribution that so many people have made to the Canadian Cadet Movement.

In particular, I continue to be impressed with our Army Cadets, their work ethic, their successes, and their optimism. It is a maxim that our Cadets are the future of this country. So many former Cadets are today Canada’s leaders and I remain confident that this outcome will continue.

The officers of the Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC) and all members of the Cadet Organization Administration Services (COATs) members contribute mightily to the success of the Canadian Cadet Movement. I have observed from CIC leadership a significant dedication and initiative rarely witnessed in other youth programs. I must offer my thanks – and admiration.

Many other community volunteers contribute to the success of the program. Volunteers within Parent Support Committees, community Sponsors, the Royal Canadian Legion, ANAVETS, and branches of the Army Cadet League of Canada all work seamlessly together to support the 18 443 Army Cadets parading in 427 Army Cadet Corps across Canada and the North. The program would not be possible without the commitment of so many people.

I would also congratulate Cadet Master Warrant Officer Kyle Ryan of 1913 (Oshawa) RCACC on his selection as Canada’s top Army Cadet for 2011 and winner of the MGen Walsh Sword. And Julie LeBlanc of the 560 Moncton RCACC for her selection as the 2012 Walsh Award Winner.

Best wishes for a most successful training year.

Read her texts here:

Vimy Commemoration Event Speech March 24

Taylors’ Vimy and Cadet Timeline

Orangeville – A Reflection of World War One – Vimy Essay

Beaverbrook Collection of War Art

Click here to watch Taylor Hope’s video